Kinder EXPO 2015


I collaborated with Bitmama to make the animations for the stand of Ferrero, at the Expo Milano 2015.

This is a stand based on the technology of augmented reality, the child must stay on the blue marker and after 3 seconds compare on the screen a character of kinder surprise (random choice). Now the child can interact with them.

In particular, I’ve create the initial animation in which there are 4 characters of Kinder Surprise that explain very simply at the children to position themselves on the blue marker and find out what happens. The other animation I made ​​was the interaction with Kinder, we’ll see dancing together to the viewer.
There are also 3 animations (Happy Hyppo, Coccodritto and Tartallegra), in which I made the audio editing.




The spot of the stand

This is a part of the animations ‘Call to Action’




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